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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Hope you are all doing well.

Our second week is officially in the bag with our 6-8 age group working on 'Turns' and our 9-12 age group working on passing/receiving & possession.

Here are the coaching points below:

Main Coaching Points

6-8 Age Group

Turns worked on:
1. Inside Cut
2. Outside Cut
3. Stop, Hop & Go
4. Drag Back

- Bend your knees (this is to help you stay low and execute the turn faster)
- Protect the ball - always use your body as a shield between the ball and the player
- Decide which turn is best to use in specific situation
- ACCELERATE AWAY!!! Make sure you speed away after executing a chosen turn to create space to dribble, pass or shoot

9-12 Age Group:

5 Stages of Inside Foot Pass:
1. Standing foot beside the ball pointing at target
2. Ankle tight (to help with accuracy and power)
3. Use the inside of your foot (big fat part)
4. Strike the middle of the ball
5. Follow through pointing at your target

- Movement to create space to receive the ball
- Always have a passing lane available (have to be able to see the ball and the player to get the ball)
- Judge your weight of pass, further you are, more weight you need - always focus on accuracy
- Control & pass or one touch - decide what best option is before you get the ball
- CHECK YOUR SHOULDERS - if you are aware of where your defenders are, as well as your teammates, it will help you make quicker and smarter decision making 

- - -

6-8 Age Group:

All in all, excellent job by both the younger and older groups on Saturday. There was a clear focus on the players involved in the session and some success all around. The main focus is to ensure players practise these skills to fine tune them. For many, the skills were there, but mistakes were made because for them it is their first time trying or they have not done them enough to make them perfect. Perfect practise, makes perfect.

Additionally, players need to remember to bend their knees to help with their turns and once they decide what turn they are going to do, know where their feet should be when executing. Do not forget to accelerate away or the turn becomes useless.

9-12 Age Group:

In terms of general passing, quite good but need more consistency in terms of weight of pass, accuracy of pass and movement off the ball. The Biggest mistake made by every player in this group was that there was not enough movement, and not just movement but smart movement off the ball. When you are moving into space, always keep your eye on the ball so when you do show or ask for it, you know where it is beforehand.

We cannot stress how important it is to check your shoulders before you get the ball and to get into this as a good habit - this way you will know where your teammates are as well as your opponents. In our Tuesday class, too many players were misplaying the ball because they were rushing their pass or trying to play one touch when they did not need to. Remember to control the ball if you have space and then play to your teammate and once again move to create a new lane to support them.

All in all, great job by both groups and see you all soon!