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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Hope you are all doing well.

Our seventh week is officially in the bag with our 6-7 and 8-9 age group working on defending against an overload and 10-12 age group worked on possession.

Here are the coaching points below:

6-7 Age Group (Coach Rich):

Attacking in Numbers/Overload

- When do I pass/when do I dribble? (The goal here is to bring in the defender as close as possible and then pass the ball to a teammate in space)
- Depending on situation, do I pass the ball to my teammates feet or into space?
- If you have space in front of you, ATTACK the space!
- Attack with speed
- Use the extra player to your advantage

8-9 Age Group (Coach Ali & Coach Rich):

Defending an Overload

- Do we pressure or do we hold our position? (which is the right thing to do depending on the situation?
- Two times the defender has the advantage - a bad touch from the attacker or they face their own goal
- When in a 2 v 3 situation with another defender tracking back, players must DELAY and allow for third defender to get back (remember if you push forward, you create space for the extra player so you need to hold the play up, standing in between both attackers in a 1 v 2 situation)
- Once they get close to the goal, we NEED to get closer to the ball and put pressure - this is when you have to decide when is the right time to get in close and block off all other passing lanes

10-12 Age Groups (Coach Ali & Coach Rich):


- MOVEMENT off the ball (need to move in and out of space to create space for yourself and your teammates. If you come in to receive the ball, and dont get it, get out of the space to allow someone else to take the space)
- COMMUNICATION - talk, show and use eye contact to communicate while keeping possession (very important to ensure you give intelligent information to your teammates such as "man on, turn left/right, pass back, etc."
- PASSING LANES - need to see both the ball and the player to receive the ball.
- CHECK YOUR SHOULDERS - to see what is behind you and where you can go before you get the ball + where the defenders are
- DON'T FORCE - if you can't play forward, pass the ball back and attempt to go forward again from a different part of the field
- COMBINATION PLAY - use 1/2's, overlaps, underlaps etc. to make the defenders jobs more difficult and be more complex in the build up play. If you don't move or try and do it all yourself, it won't work

- - -

6-7 Age Group (Coach Rich):

From the get go, the 6-7 age group has been able to learn what they were taught over the past were and were quite successful in being able to find out when to pass and when to dribble. The key point that was taken in by majority of players was how to drag a defender out (get them out of position) and then play to a teammate once the defender was too close to the ball. This created an easy finish for their teammate and the understanding of when to pass and dribble has improved for the group overall.

One thing to remember is, if you have space in front of it and the defender is allowing you to take it, DRIVE FORWARD and attack the space. If they come, pass, if they don't, ATTACK and finish or take the player on 1 v 1 if you have space.

8-9 Age Group (Coach Ali & Coach Rich):

The 8-9 group focused on the opposite of what the 6-7 group focused on as they were working on being outnumbered in a situation and how to defend while in that situation.

At the beginning, we tried to let them sort it out themselves but they found it difficult until they started to understand the concept of DELAYING the attack and then deciding when was the right time to press and when was the right time to hold off.

Players need to remember to watch the attackers and as they get closer to the goal, the defenders get closer to the goal. Once the attackers get closer to the goal, the idea is to isolate the attackers such as when they are on the wing, to not allow them to go back inside of pass back inside and make it a 1 v 1 situation on the wing.

In addition to this when we created 2 v. 3 with a 3rd defender running back. The goal was to split the attackers, hold them up while the other defender marked the other attacker. The goal was to hold both players up forcing them to either pass or dribble while the other defender sprinted back to help the defenders.

It is important to remember that as a defender in an outnumbered situation, we do not want to run up the ball full speed like in a 1 on 1 situation as then you create space for players in behind you and then the easy pass is on and you are out of position. Remember this, as it can make or break you stopping a fast break or counter attack.

10-12 Age Group (Coach Ali & Coach Rich):

We started off very poorly as a group, passes were going everywhere, communication was at all time low and movement was slow. As the session progressed, we saw slight improvement as players finally started to understand their roles and it was no doubt that we had to do this again next week.

Players were missing the two crucial elements which we talked about at both sessions which were movement off the ball and communication. It is integral for players to remember that if they are in a space and they aren't receiving the ball, they should get out and let another player come in and take that space to win it or check in and out to create space to come back to get it.

Some players are still in the mind of younger players where they are only focused on the BALL. Smarter players will realize that they dont always need to get the ball right away and will realize that once one pass is played, they will be there for the 2nd or 3rd pass in a position more advanced up the field creating passing lanes. This is when we had all of our players in one half, all wanting the ball - this can't happen with the quality we have at this age group and improvements needed to be made for the following week.

Other than these main points, the groups did very well and we will see you all very soon!