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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Hope you are all doing well.

Our eighth week is wrapped up with our 6-7 and 8-9 age group working on shooting/attacking in numbers and our 10-12 age group worked on possession.

Here are the coaching points below:

6-7 Age Group (Coach Rich):

Attacking in Numbers/Overload

Focus was on Inside Foot technique

- Standing foot pointing at your target
- Ankle tight!!!
- Strike with the inside of your foot
- Hit the middle of the ball for maximum accuracy and power
- Follow through pointing towards your target

Additional Point: Focus on the ball

8-9 Age Group (Coach Ali & Coach Rich):

Defending an Overload

Inside Foot Technique

- Standing foot pointing at your target
- Ankle tight!!!
- Strike with the inside of your foot
- Hit the middle of the ball for maximum accuracy and power
- Follow through pointing towards your target

Attacking in Numbers

- Drag the defender in
- Do I pass, shoot or dribble? What is the right option in the specific moment on the field (awareness)
- Attack with speed
- Runs off the ball/moving into space and continuing our run to move defenders out of their position
- Communication

10-12 Age Groups (Coach Ali & Coach Rich):


- MOVEMENT off the ball (need to move in and out of space to create space for yourself and your teammates. If you come in to receive the ball, and dont get it, get out of the space to allow someone else to take the space)
- COMMUNICATION - talk, show and use eye contact to communicate while keeping possession (very important to ensure you give intelligent information to your teammates such as "man on, turn left/right, pass back, etc."
- PASSING LANES - need to see both the ball and the player to receive the ball.
- CHECK YOUR SHOULDERS - to see what is behind you and where you can go before you get the ball + where the defenders are
- DON'T FORCE - if you can't play forward, pass the ball back and attempt to go forward again from a different part of the field
- COMBINATION PLAY - use 1/2's, overlaps, underlaps etc. to make the defenders jobs more difficult and be more complex in the build up play. If you don't move or try and do it all yourself, it won't work

- - -

6-7 Age Group (Coach Rich):

The main focus for the youngsters this week was on the inside foot strike or shot. We started with the ball being stationery and then went on to get the ball moving with them controlling and then striking the ball.

The biggest and hardest part which will not only be brought up in this blog post but also next week is for players to keep their ankle tight when hitting the ball and also hitting the middle of the ball. This is a hard technique for a player to do at this age but the earlier we start with the technique, the movement and foot shape, the better it will be when they learn to keep their ankle tighter and can hit the ball straight and long.

They need to practise this technique at home in their space time and over the holidays!

8-9 Age Group (Coach Ali & Coach Rich):

The striking technique from the group is not bad but the accuracy still needs lots of work. Players are starting to understand the technique of an inside foot strike where others are still hitting it like its a pass. The main thing is power of strike plus follow through. There has to be a more clean follow through on the strike and the player needs to want to hit the ball and not go through it lightly.

At the beginning of the session, players were also not looking up see where the goalkeeper was and were just hitting it to hit the target. This is where a players football IQ comes in and they have to realize there is more to shooting a ball than just hitting it. Players need to look up, see where the keeper is, get the correct technique and pick their spot. This will separate the average from the good and the good from the great.

When we put it into attacking in numbers, the players were slow to find their teammates and didnt realize when they could shoot early or when they could pass. This will come with time but real attackers are fearless in their approach and are ruthless in attacking. Don't give your defenders a chance to get prepared and one of the key points is to bring in your defender and then pass it off to a player who is open, who then takes his touch positively and strikes the ball to score in an situation where you have more numbers then the defenders.

10-12 Age Group (Coach Ali & Coach Rich):

After a poor and frustrating week for possession through periods of last week, this week we were very happy as coaches. The quality picked up, the passing was better and the movement was also sharper.

Of course there were mistakes with players misplaying the ball with too much power or not in the right place, but the ideas were with the right commitment and speed of thought which was good to see. The biggest area players need to work on is playing the ball sooner, checking their shoulder, either protecting or taking their touch into space and finding a teammate. Once you pass the ball, your job isnt done either as you should be looking to get the ball back in a better space.

Always remember, if you cant go forward, restart and go to the back and readjust and try from a different angle, DO NOT FORCE THE PLAY!

The other area we could have done a little better is communication and players need to give their teammates more intelligent information when passing the ball to them or when the ball is play even away from where they are - this is what captiain's do.

Other than these main points, the groups did very well and we will see you all very soon!