Soccer Camps - Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge - FFTW Development

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Hope you are all doing well.

And thats a wrap, our 10th week of programming brings an end to an amazing Fall Program with all three age groups being a pleasure to work with. We wanted to take this moment to thank all our players for each week of training and the parents who brought them to the sessions.

For our final week of training, our topic was shooting/finishing for all 3 age groups.

Here are the coaching points below:

6-7 Age Group (Coach Yousef):


Both Inside Foot and Diagonal Foot Techniques - review week 8 & 9 for specific coaching points

- Keep your eye on the ball
- 45 degree run up for the diagonal foot strike
- Run up to the ball with pace
- Hit the middle of the ball for both techniques
- Keep the ball out of your feet (closer to you, the harder it is to create power and follow through)


8-9 Age Group (Coach Ali):


Inside Foot Technique

- Standing foot pointing at your target
- Ankle tight
- Use the inside of your foot (big fat part)
- Strike the middle of the ball
- Follow through pointing at targe

Diagonal Foot Technique

- 45 Degree Angle
- Ankle Tight
- Diagonal foot position (hit with big bone, just below the laces)
- Strike the middle of the ball
- Follow through pointing at your target


- Time your run up to the ball and your movement to come to the ball
- Receive on your back foot
- Come into the ball on a first time finish, if it is a 2 touch finish, take the ball OUT OF YOUR FEET to generate power
- PLACEMENT before power, need to look up, assess goalkeepers positioning and pick you spot (even on diagonal foot strike)
- When you have time to strike, use your football IQ and don't just hit it to hit it, pick your spot, be calm and slot home. In a situation where you are more under pressure and have less time, power and quickness of strike are a better option.
- What is the best type of technique in a certain situation (awareness), what type of finish is needed (first time or can you take a touch), front post or near post

- - -

6-7 Age Group (Coach Yousef):

With it being our last session, it was great to see the group with such high energy as we worked on stationery strikes (working on both techniques) as well as dribbling challenges with beating a defender and then finishing.

The group did very well but the players need to remember to focus the entire time (even though with the age group this is can be difficult) as when they were able to take in information, they did very well.

Speed always remains a factor which will come with time and to remember to get the ball out of their feet to help with the power of the strike. We also did a bit of volleying where the main aspect was getting contact on the ball and striking through the middle. This of course was a difficult technique for the group to get but something they enjoyed as the last part of the program!

Well done guys and see you in January!

8-9 & 10-12 Age Groups (Coach Ali & Coach Rich):

Both groups worked through both techniques including the instep strike as well as the diagonal foot strike. We saw positives as well as negatives as at the beginning of almost every session, players went back to their regular habits of just shooting and hoping.

We cannot mention enough times that even though players are excited about shooting/finishing day, they need to remember to focus on their striking technique and use their football IQ instead of just getting shot hungry. This includes assessing the goalkeepers positioning as well as finding out which type of technique is best to use and where to place the ball (left or right/top or bottom).

When it also got to finishing which is players in the act of shooting but in a game situation, their timing was completely off which made it incredibly difficult for them to be successful. Timing of their movement, showing for the ball and taking their touch into space is crucial and this is one aspect unfortunately that the players only grasped in a limited manner.

This is something we will definitely look to focus on more in 2018 but were still very happy with the groups participation and efforts. Always remember to be aware of what is the right technique to use and in that moment, even though it may be a split second, players need to find out which technique, angle, and corner is the best option for them in that moment. Also, don't be afraid to try both near and far post finishes from different angles to see what works, and what doesnt for you as a player.



Well done to ALL our players within each age group and we can't wait to see you in January. Keep up the hard work, look over the notes and TRAIN even during the break!