Soccer Camps - Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge - FFTW Development

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Hope you are all doing well.

Our fourth week is officially in the bag with our 6-8 age group working on 'Agility and Mobility with and without the ball' and our 9-12 age group working on team possession for the second week in a row.

Here are the coaching points below:

Main Coaching Points

6-8 Age Group

- Bend your knees and stay low
- Exaggeration is key, need to really make your defender feel you are going that direction
- Acceleration into opposite direction
- Always light on your feet, on your toes
- Watch your opponents feet, if they plant both their feet, accelerate opposite direction

* When using the ball, it is very important to keep the ball close to you and to not let it out of your feet - in a real match, a defender will snap at it and attempt to tackle

9-12 Age Group:


- Movement to create space to receive the ball
- Always have a passing lane available (have to be able to see the ball and the player to get the ball)
- Judge your weight of pass, further you are, more weight you need - always focus on accuracy
- Control & pass or one touch - decide what best option is before you get the ball
- CHECK YOUR SHOULDERS - if you are aware of where your defenders are, as well as your teammates, it will help you make quicker and smarter decision making 
- When is the right time to dribble, when is the right time to pass (really need to work on this as a whole)
- Look for a through pass (between two defenders), player on opposite end should be dropping deep to give himself/herself time on the ball
- Entire team has to have width and depth - spread your team as much as possible

- - -

6-8 Age Group:

This week's session was all about the advancement of motor skills - with, and without the ball. As some of the younger players are just starting to develop their movements, its crucial they get into the habit of being able to bend their knees and get low and learn how to maneuver to fake direction now as it will become part of their game as they grow older.

When the ball came into play, it was evident that a lot of players are still new to having the ball at their feet in the sense of being able to do feints (where they dont even need to touch the ball) and the tendency is to always touch the ball. The goal was to teach players that you can still fake a direction but do not need to necessarily touch the ball.

A key importance was also put on acceleration as once you have the defender beat mentally and physically, this is when you need to accelerate with everything you have to get away from that defender. All these above points will come with time - but it was a fun session focused on something very important for the development of the player.

9-12 Age Group:

Check your shoulders, check your shoulders, and check your shoulders some more! Players are getting in good positions in terms of creating passing lanes but once they get the ball, they keep turning right into defenders without knowing they are there. This is ABC's of football and players need to start getting into their minds that before they get hte ball - they need to know where their defenders are (in additional to knowing where their teammates are). 

The passing and moving aspect from majority of players is good - there is progress being made from the week before to this week but there has to be a purpose with passing. It is great to pass the ball a few times and keep possession but players need to remember there has to be an end goal to the possession. This means finding the ball to switch it on the opposite side if we are doing switching or to find a striker like we did in the Saturday session.

Movement has to be a bit crisper and players need to remember to receive on their back foot to see the whole picture - when that option is available.

All in all, great job by both groups and see you all soon!