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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Hope you are all doing well.

Our sixth week is officially in the bag with our 6-8 age group working on 'attacking' and possession' and our 9-12 age group working on 'counter attacking'

Here are the coaching points below:

Main Coaching Points

6-8 Age Group

1 v 1, 2 v 1 Attacking

- Attack with purpose - speed of attack + desire to actually beat defender and make something out of attack
- Decision making - assess options = dribble into space/take player on, shoot if opportunity or pass
- Drag defenders into the ball to create space for teammates
- Forward passes - play into space where players are running which makes it easier to attack


- Wide & Long - create space and width to stretch out defending team and give options to keep the ball and pass to teammates
- Always keep passing lanes open (see ball + player)
- Less touches - Do not need to take 3-4 touches before passing to a player, if you SEE the pass, PLAY the pass
- Check shoulders before you get the ball - know where your players are before you receive so you can get the ball to them quicker
- Once you pass, do not just watch your pass and stand still, as soon as you pass, make a lane right away to help support the player you just passed to
- Movement off the ball, create space + make runs
- DESIRE - who wants it the most!

9-12 Age Group:

Counter Attack

- As soon as you win the ball back as a defending team, you need to assess your first look, can I play forward early? Do I have space to dribble? What are my options
- If you see an early ball, you need to find the player quickly (do not rush but have some urgency to create the counter attack)
- Before you get the ball (in the session) players should be looking up to see where their teammates are and where their best option is for the outlet
- The counter attack depends mainly on the players giving options off of the ball - as soon as your team win it back, where can you go to create a counter attack, open up into space quickly and look to attack
- Forward passes - play into space where players can attack the ball and attack forward with speed
- DESIRE - who wants it the most!

- - -

6-8 Age Group:

With the younger group, the biggest area of improvement needs to be speed and purpose of attack. Of course at this age, mobility skills are not at a premium as of yet but this is where we can start ingraining the approach of speed + desire to go forward. With players still getting comfortable with the ball at their feet, they need to get away from having fear when taking on a player.

Once the aspect of speed is conquered, the main aspect needs to be to see what our best options are. Players are not always making the right decisions in terms of when to pass/when to dribble and this needs to be assessed as players get more comfortable with 'speed dribbling' and attacking players without hesitation.

For the older group, the possession session was not that bad and we have seen steady progress over the weeks although this was only our first possession session. The biggest area of improvement needs to taking away 3-4 touches and minimizing it to 1-2 touches before passing the ball - in all honesty, the best approach is 2 touches max with the second touch being a pass and then moving to create a lane to get the ball back.

The players are not there yet but as we progress over the next few weeks we hope to see this improve.

9-12 Age Group:

General awareness is where the group struggles most in terms of when they win the ball back, their approach is not always to look forward. It not only the players winning the ball back and not looking forward but also the attacking players who are not making any runs to create dangerous situations where players can pass up and find the players.

There has to be a real desire to make those runs and get into dangerous positions playing on the break but this is something that the group as a whole really needs to work on.

The technique of the passes and not playing forward passes also stops the progress which needs to be worked on as well. Awareness to see where teammates are and how quickly we can get the ball out is another aspect which needs to be worked on by all in the group. Players are also taking too many touches before they play the pass which made the session difficult to find success at times. 

When players are looking up, playing the early pass and focusing less on themselves and more on the team, success will come naturally!

All in all, great job by both groups and see you all soon!