Soccer Camps - Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge - FFTW Development

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Hope you are all doing well.

Our sixth week is officially in the bag with our 6-7 age group working on passing/dribbling with speed, our 8-9 working on passing/receiving and our 10-12 age groups working on counter attacking.

Here are the coaching points below:

6-7 Age Group (Coach Rich):

Passing/Dribbling with Speed

- Use the 5 Stages of Inside Foot Passing
- Standing foot beside ball and pointing at your target, ankle tight, use the inside of your foot, strike the middle of the ball and follow through pointing at your partner
- Keep your head up to see who is available for a pass, if you have space, you can dribble with speed!
- Use the inside of your foot to control it
- Small and close touches to the body when dribbling

8-9 Age Group (Coach Ali & Coach Rich):

Aerial Control

- Check your shoulders before you receive the ball
- Touch past the defender (weight of touch)
- Receive on your back foot when possible (protect the ball)
- Weight of pass (how far is the player, how hard do you need to hit the ball)
- On your toes and always ready to receive
- Use the inside of your foot to receive the ball
- Speed of play (get the ball, out of your feet and play a sharp and crisp pass)

10-12 Age Group (Coach Ali & Coach Rich):

- Once you win the ball back, look up to see if you can forward with either a pass or a dribble (need to make sure there is no defender in front of you, all awarenes)
- Weight of pass (play a pass with the correct precision depending on the situation)
- Type of pass, to the feet or in space? Whats the best way to go forward
- If we cant go forward to counter straight away, can be we play back to shift the ball on the other side then push forward from there (awareness)
- Movement off the ball (switch positions, if you come into a space to receive and you dont get the ball, get out and find a different space)
- COMMUNICATION - talk with your teammates on if you are taking their space, for the switch or where you want to go - incredibly important

- - -

6-7 Age Group (Coach Rich):

With our 6-7 age group, the key and most critical aspect is to know when to pass and when to dribble. This is something that still, is a bit advanced for them to figure out mainly in the aspect of speed. The decision making is there, but we just need to work on the motor skills to ensure that they can go that little bit faster.

When they see the space, we want them to attack this space with everything they have. But, this doesnt mean taking massive touches and then losing the ball but keeping the ball nice and close to them when they are taking the space with the dribble.

The passing technique also needs work and the 5 stages should be relayed by the parents to make sure we get maximum repetition in the coaching points and in the quality of the passes whether they practice with you, the parents, or with their friends or brothers/sisters.

All in all, its looking good, but we just need to keep practicing good habits.


8-9 Age Group (Coach Ali & Coach Rich):

For our 8-9 Age Group, quality and consistency is the biggest thing we need to remain at the top of the list. Sometimes, the quality is fantastic and we get a great sequence of play with the passes being beautiful, crisp and sharp. And others, we have the players half asleep, the ball movement is slow or a player isnt on their toes.

At this age, most definitely its hard at times to be switched on all the time, but to be a great player, at this age and as they develop older, it is critical we get it into their system now to create a professional mentality. 

This also goes with something as simple as checking the shoulders, not doing a crazy swing of the head, but actually looking at whats behind you (in a game, a defender or an available teammate). 

All in all, the passing needs to be repeated time and time again to go over those stages and ensure that our passing is crisp, sharp and clean either to the feet of our teammate or in space to them - weight of pass is critical and awareness to know where that player is moving by keeping our heads up.

10-12 Age Group (Coach Ali & Coach Rich):

When it came off, it was actually pretty to watch. The main issues we are having are three things and these include, communicationmovement off the ball, and awareness of whats in front of us and where our first pass/dribble should be

A lot of players were getting caught watching the ball when it was coming to them, specifically in the session and then were running straight into a defender. On the counter attack, when we win the ball, our first look should be forward. In the session, the player knew the ball was coming to them, yet we had the same habit of dribbling right into a defender.

Some players got it finally with an early ball across or waiting with a calm touch and then finding a pass quickly. This awareness and football smarts is whats needed to develop and players Yes, do need to go quickly, but they also need to understand the fine line between calmness and sharp play.

Movement off the ball lacked heavily in both weekly sessions but afterwards we saw some real success with players finally realizing that once they didnt get it, they needed to get out of that space and communication with their teammate during the movement, was a key cog into making sure we had some good combinations and getting the ball to the other side.

Players need to remember if they are trying to counter, the first pass doesnt always need to be forward although we do want to look forward because if the switch is on, we can go on the other side of the field if our side is blocked.

Other than these main points, the groups did very well and we will see you all very soon!