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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Hope you are all doing well and we hope you had a great Winter break with your families. We would like to welcome all our returning players as well as the new players that have joined us for our first program of 2018.

In terms of the first week's programming, we worked on 1 vs. 1 speed skills. Here are the coaching points and attached YouTube clips below: 

Main Coaching Points 

- Attack with SPEED

- If you don't SELL it, they won't BUY it (bend your knees and really exaggerate the side you are trying to fake to)

- ACCELERATE AWAY after doing the skill

- Know what speed skill you are going to do before you get to the defender

1 vs. 1 Speed Skills

Messi -

Ronaldo Scissors -

Hop and Chop -

(Additional) Jay Jay -

(Additional) - Roll n' Go -

- - -

6-7 Age Group:

Comments from Coach Rich

The biggest aspect that players need to remember and take away is that if you don't sell the skill, the defenders wont buy the skill. This means that when you come up to do a skill, remember to actually drop your shoulder nice and low when doing a Messi and then accelerating away.

Another aspect players need to remember is how they exit after doing both the Messi and Ronaldo skills since those were the main two we worked on for this age group. Always remember that when you exit you use the outside of your foot to take the ball away from the defender. This way you can use your body to protect the ball as you go past them.

Accelerate, accelerate and accelerate some more. Once you do any skill, you need to remember to accelerate to get past and away from the defender. If you dont, the defender will just catch up to you and the skill will no longer be useful.

8-9 Age Group:

Comments from Coach Ali

The biggest thing to take away for players this week is to have a real desire to take players on when they go at them 1 on 1. They have to have a real belief and a real desire within them that they will beat the player every time and to go in with that attitude no matter which player is defending them.

Of course to help with that, players need to practise the 1 v 1 skills we taught throughout the week on a regular basis to be as comfortable as possible and have the confidence to do any skill/move when required in the correct area on the pitch.

Other than that, players need to know what they are going to do before they get the ball and check their shoulders before they receive the ball to know where the defender is which allows them to know where to attack and drive at the defender. Once doing this, this should allow you to know when and where you can do the skill to accelerate away.

This will come with the correct practise, patience, and experience.

10-12 Age Group:

Comments from Coach Ali, Coach Rich & Coach Connor

The 10-12 group had a lot of the same issues that the 8-9 group had in having the real desire and drive to want to beat a player. It has to become part of your mentality as a footballer when you are in that position to take a player on 1 on 1 and if you don't show confidence or know what you are going to do, it can be difficult going up against a top defender.

Remember to sell the skill, get low and really make the defender go the direction you are trying to feint or fake. Other than this, you need to know where the defender is before you get the ball and as soon as you turn or face the defender, know where the space is.

Once you do the skill and this may be a simple point, but you need to accelerate, accelerate and accelerate to get away from the defender to give you options on what you want to do with the ball. Dont forget about your distance of approach regarding when to do the skill in terms of timing.

- - -

Well done to all players and see you next week!

Next Topic: 6-7 (1 v 1 Defending) + 8-9, 10-12 (Passing/Receiving + Possession)