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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Hope you are all doing well.

Our second week is officially in the bag with our 6-7 age group working on 1 v 1 Defending and our 8-9 and 10-12 age groups working on passing/receiving and team possession.

6-7 Age Group (Coach Rich):

5 Stages of 1 v 1 Defending

- Close down (run to the player as fast you can to take them as far away from your goal as possible)
- Slow down (as you start to get closer, slow yourself down so you can get into your defensive stance)
- Go down (get side on - do not stand at the player with your shoulders facing him but on an angle and get low)
- Stay down (to remain agile and be able to move wherever the attacker moves)
- Be a thorn (be annoying and always let the attacker know where you are

8-9 and 10-12 Age Groups (Coach Ali & Coach Connor):

Here are the coaching points below:

- Movement to create space to receive the ball*** this was our biggest issue!
- Always have a passing lane available (have to be able to see the ball and the player to get the ball)
- Judge your weight of pass, further you are, more weight you need - always focus on accuracy
- Control & pass or one touch - decide what best option is before you get the ball
- CHECK YOUR SHOULDERS - if you are aware of where your defenders are, as well as your teammates, it will help you make quicker and smarter decision making 
- Quick, Sharp Passes! Players are sometimes taking too long to get the ball across to a team mate and then move again, this is critical!

- - -

6-7 Age Group:

Comments from Coach Rich

When we say 'close down', we want the players to run at their full potential to get to the defender and not to just jog. This has to come with a real desire to defender and once we got the competitions going we saw this but want this attitude from the beginning.

If you are defending, it is not your job to be friendly but to get nice and close to the attacker and let them know you are always there. Remember to be patient and don't just dive into a tackle until you see the ball.

Key things to look for are when an attacker takes a bad touch, they dont look like they know what they are going to do or they have their back turned to their own goal. Thats the time you know to press the ball!

8-9 and 10-12 Age Group:

Comments from Coach Ali, Coach Rich and Coach Connor

Before being able to maintain possession of the ball, work on movement and communicate, players need to have the technical aspects of their pass down 100%. This includes their inside foot pass, a driven pass and in certain situations, a lofted pass.

Not all players have this in their repertoire yet but players need to remember to train these in the off season and also when they are not at FFTW Development training. This gives them option to pass short, long and over the top.

When working on receiving, players still need to maintain their good habits of checking their shoulder and that doesnt mean looking down at their own shoulders but actually seeing what is happening behind them.

The biggest aspect that needs work in terms of possession is knowing where players are going to go before they get the ball and to know that it is not a negative thing to backwards and restart. Too many players are still trying to run through brick walls and thats not how football is meant to be played if you want to keep the ball.

Players just need a little bit more awareness to know where they are going and if there is a player in front who is blocking off their ability to go forward, go back, recycle and start again.

Other than that, not a bad session but still have lots of work to do! 

- - -

Well done to all players and see you next week!

Next Topic: 6-7 (Turns), 8-9 + 10-12 (Ground Control)