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Our aim is to train and improve the likes of soccer players of all levels to enable them to achieve and compete at a higher standard.

FFTW Development works with boys and girls aged 6-12 years old from all different soccer skill levels and soccer backgrounds.

Our program looks to improve your childs soccer IQ and overall performance on the pitch through an individual level alongside being able to function in a team environment. This program is for any player who truly loves the game of soccer and who wants to improve in all aspects of the game in a fun and challenging environment.

Cambridge Youth Soccer

FFTW Development is a one of a kind program where your child will develop in two key areas, technically (as an individual) and tactically (as a member of a team)



Players will learn how to pass and strike the ball with all different parts of their feet. A focus is put on when to use which technique at any given time in a match scenario. Practicing and mastering the ability to pass with both feet is also a key element in this section.



Players will learn how to control the ball both on the ground and in the air. Players will learn which type of control to use depending on whether they are being marked or not. The three key elements of this section include how to cushion, protect and travel with the ball.



Players will learn a variety of different speed skills and turning techniques. Speed skills can be used to beat a defender and turning techniques will help your child get that little bit of extra space on the pitch to make something happen.



This area will focus on ‘transition play’. Players will learn how to react when losing or gaining the ball in relation to where they, their teammates and the opponents are. Key elements include when to counter attack and how to recover when losing the ball.



Players will learn where they should be on the pitch in relation to the ball, where their teammates and where the opposition is. They will be given the opportunity to try different positions and roles and have a better understanding of what is expected in each position without limiting creativity.



The camps will place an emphasis on how to keep possession of the ball. Through gaining confidence in your abilities and becoming more relaxed on the ball this can be achieved. Players will gain an understanding of finding the best option as opposed to just kicking the ball without looking

Client Testimonials

We never could have predicted at the time of registration that it was going to be the best money we would spend in a long time. From the very first day in pouring rain to the very last hot day our son was happy and fully engaged. Alikhan and the FFTW team were all extremely approachable, organized, efficient and their bond/relationship with the children developed quickly due to their fantastic communication skills.


After completing last year’s winter sessions with FFTW, my daughter has much more confidence. I put her in a development session with Cambridge Youth Soccer and next thing I know I’m being asked how many years has my daughter been playing, then offered an opportunity to attend a few practices with the U9 Cambridge United Target team. My daughter was then offered a position on the team and made the U10 girls team this year. If it wasn’t for FFTW and Ali’s training I know she wouldn’t be where she is today.


After each session, we have noticed a huge difference in my daughter’s skill level and confidence on the field. The training drills put together by the FFTW team are challenging and dynamic, and seem to translate into a smarter footballer overall. Best of all, my daughter LOVES the coaches and is always excited to show up and play hard every session. We cannot recommend this program enough!


If you are looking for the best soccer training in K-W region, FFTW is the best you will find. My daughter has done almost every activity imaginable from hockey, to swimming, to gymnastics, to kung fu, to crossfit, to dance. I have met many great coaches and trainers throughout the years but FFTW takes it to a whole new level. Their personalized approach & their dedication to my child’s development amazes me.  If your child loves soccer and is eager to learn & developed their skills, this is definitely the right training for them. As an added bonus, FFTW also does a lot of charitable work which is a great thing to show & teach kids.


As a parent, I must say that I have been very impressed with the organization and professionalism of the FFTW Development training camps. From start to finish, the whole process of registration, follow ups, daily updates and Facebook pictures was more than I had expected. Our son, Faiz, learned new techniques every day and could not stop talking about his day. Best of all, the money they raise from the Development program and other fundraising activities goes directly to helping kids in the developing world have better access and tools to play football.


My two sons participated in Alikhan’s latest soccer camp and IT WAS AWESOME. As a current coach for minors, former pro-player and parents of 2 soccer fanatic sons, I loved the program and was so attached to the way the kids were training that I spent many hours watching the kids going through professional players drills and mini games. I seriously recommend the program and wish you could send your child to participate in the upcoming pre-rep tryout program and/or fall and winter program.


Alikhan has demonstrated excellent professionalism throughout his time with RVDL. He has paid meticulous attention to detail in his preparation, delivery and evaluation to his coaching sessions. Throughout his time with RVDL, Alikhan has developed his technical and tactical knowledge and has developed every player that he has coached. Alikhan is very approachable and has a great personality working with young players


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