Soccer Camps - Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge - FFTW Development

Soccer Camps - Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge - FFTW Development

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Hope you are all doing well.

Our 7th week is officially in the bag with our 6-7/8-9 groups working on 2 v 2 defending and our 10-13's working on their driven passes/control.

Here are the coaching points below:

6-7/8-9 Age Group (progressed to 2 v 2 Defending):

Main Coaching Points

2 v 2 Defending

- Support and cover - one player goes to the ball (I got ball!), the other supports the front player and blocks the goal while also watching their own player
- Peripheral vision for the supporting defender - look in the middle of both the player you are marking as well as the ball. Need to see both and not just one!
- Supporting defender tells front defender which way to face (show left or show right). This way if the attacker with the ball beats the front player, the supporting player has an easier job stepping to the ball.
- COMMUNICATE - always need to be talking to one another in any given situation when the ball gets passed and one player has to behind to cover etc.

6-7/8-9 Age Group (progressed to 2 v 2 Defending):


Driven Pass

1. 45 degree run up
2. Standing foot beside the ball (not too far, not too close)
3. Diagonal foot position
4. Strike the middle of the ball
5. Follow through pointing at your target


- Use the inside of your foot to control
- Lessen the impact, bring your foot back while you control so you cushion the ball
- Adjust body while ball moves
- On your toes and always ready


6-7/8-9 Age Groups:

Comments from Coaches

The 2 v 2 progression for both age groups was always going to be difficult but we wanted to go ahead and try to do this to test the players. The biggest areas we want plays to focus on are making sure that the closer player still closes down the ball and that the support player (the one who is not marking the ball), covers his player but does not run all the way up to the player to mark them.

This didnt happen in the session but we saw some success in terms of teaching players to not just run after the ball and that in the game, you need to mark open players as well and not just follow the ball with your eyes. Again, difficult in nature for the 6-7 age group but the 8-9 group had some success and we are happy with the progress both groups are making.

10-13 Age Group:

Comments from Coaches

Some players are very good with their driven pass while to others, this could be a brand new technique. For those who were showing good quality at the actual pass, the one main thing that players need to bring regularly is their consistency. Some players will get 1/4 or 1/5 and now that number has to increase where they are getting 3/5 or 4/5 passes correct.

For the players who are learning this and some may even have been with us for a while but still need to work on it, follow the 5 stages and Practise - Practise, Practise, Practise and you will see results. Always remember the diagonal foot position and to hit through the middle of the ball.

Your teammates now being able to play those passes, it is also important that players need to be able to control these dynamic passes which is why we also focused on the control of the pass. Always be on your toes, ready to move and adjust your feet and always look to cushion the ball by lessening the impact of the pass.

All in all, good progress with all groups!