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It was great to be back on the pitch again for Week 5 of the Winter Program. Please review the coaching points & comments by your coaches to get additional feedback.

WEEK 4 TOPIC for 5-7, 8-10, and U13-U15 Age Groups - Turns

Coaching Points:

- Bend your knees (this will help you execute the skill faster and help with exploding away from the defender)
- Attack with speed (take the player on with real game speed)
- First touch out of your feet to attack space + slow down before executing turn
- Protect Ball with your body (when you turn, turn away from the defender, not into the defender)
- Accelerate away after you have completed your turn to get away from the defender

Advanced Points:

- Distance (don't do your turn too early or too close to the defender as it needs to be done with the right spacing and right time for the turn to be most useful)
- Know what you are going to do before you get the ball (first touch helps set up the turn)


5 - 7 Age Group - Coach Mo

Great job by our group this weekend!

The main areas we did well was picking up the two main turns which included both our inside and outside cuts. Players found the drag back turn a bit harder and that is something that we can continue to work on when we have the time to do so.

Players also need to remember to keep the distance between their defender and themselves when they are looking to execute a turn. We found players getting too close to their defenders and therefore either running into the pole/cone or losing possession of the ball.

An additional point in addition to this is when they were receiving a pass to go forward and attack the defender, their touch got stuck under their foot. This means that players need to work on really improving their first touch with the inside of their foot to take the ball out of their feet with the right speed and pacing. An advanced point but something to remember is to protect the ball when doing turns by putting your body in between the defender and the ball.

8 - 10 Age Group - Coach Mahan

We were happy with the ability of the group to pick up the different turns. We were able to get through the majority of the turns we wanted to with just missing out on the Stop, Hop n Go turn. Apart from that, we were able to cover the inside/outside cuts, drag back, and Cruyff turns.

The biggest thing players need to remember is to bend their knees to really help in executing the skill and being able to speed away afterwards. This also includes getting low to make sure the defender falls for the turn and you are able to create space to go the other direction.

An advanced point which will be key later on will be to check your shoulders to know where your defenders are - this way you will know where to turn and how to turn. Always remember to keep your body in between the defender and the ball.

Otherwise, well done to all the players! Lets keep progressing next weekend.

U13 - U15 High Performance Group - Coach Ali

One key thing that was mentioned to players that they have to start getting into the mode of learning to 'switch' into training mode when they step on the field. One thing we notice is that it takes some players time to get what we call 'Zoned In'. This is something players will need to learn that once training starts, they are fully focused and ready to work their hardest.

It took us the warm up to get this to happen but once we the group was focused and working 100%, they did very well and deserve credit. We did an advanced turning session which included 1 player working in the middle with 2 balls on the outside of a square of 4. The player in the middle was working on turning with a pole in the middle and the other ball was circulated around the outside.

For the player turning, the biggest thing was awareness to check who was available so when they executed the turn they were able to find their next pass. Players need to continuously work on scanning as sometimes players ended up getting a pass from someone on the outside which meant the player had to quickly transition and find another option. 

Another key was communication as in the beginning players just received any pass they were given to from the outside but to start to advanced players performances in these 1 on 1 situations, top players always ask for the ball where they want it (when it is possible). When players started to do this, we saw great success and this is something that has to continue.

The last part is the most simple and that is the execution of the skill itself and knowing what you are going to do before you get the ball. We were able to work through a number of different turns which we want them to continue to use during training sessions and game play. Bending of the knees is critical and keeping your hand up to protect the ball (while keeping your body in between) will become crucial going forward as opponents grow bigger and stronger.

Well done to the group and looking forward to this weekend's session.

- - -

Great job by all the age groups and we look forward to seeing you this weekend.

Next weekend's topic: 2 v 2 Attacking (without opposition)

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